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We offer to build a civil single-family backyard shelter for you. The shelter, depending on the chosen variant, will protect you and your relatives from various types of catastrophic situations both natural and civilization. Our product is designed in a way that enables to shape the space of the shelter, its functions and various facilities lifting the comfort of its future owner. The whole construction is based on the latest technology that supports the functioning of the shelter and enables the owner to monitor and control the shelter remotely.







Mahton – Civil Modular Shelter is a super invention of the future that you may soon possess.

Mahton – Civil Modular Shelter will be possible to install in most land conditions throughout the world. The project was created in the cooperation with Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna (Military Technical Academy) in Warsaw. Together with WAT we managed to create a project of a civil modular shelter that is a global scale innovation. Combining academic knowledge with the technological potential of Polish companies creates extraordinary synergy and its crowning achievement is Mahton – Civil Modular Shelter.



Soon, we are going to build a prototype of the bunker. It will be subjected to various types of stress testing, general testing and certification in the experimental field under the supervision of Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna (Military Technical Academy). By the end of 2017 we will be ready for commercial sale of our shelters.










Single-family backyard shelter, giving protection to its owners from natural disasters. It is attack and ballistics resistant, equipped with basic installations and interior functions. Inside the shelter for this version, there is a common sleeping space, a toilet with a shower, a kitchenette and a technical part. The area of the shelter approx. 25m2.


”Standard” version plus additional installations and systems allowing for the complete, hermetic cutting off the shelter from external conditions. This version of the shelter protects from all kinds of hazards and contaminations – radioactive, biological, chemical. Wider range and higher standard equipment of the ”plus” version. Mobile control and monitoring of the shelter.


”Plus” version with unlimited space shaping possibilities thanks to the application of the shelter modularity. This version is shaped and defined by its future owner from the beginning to the end. Any amount of space and any facilities. The only limit of the “lux” version is imagination and wishes of its future owner including separate bedrooms, a bathroom, a sauna etc.








  1. The minimal measurements of the free space for the bunker is approx. 1000m2, with the narrower side of minimum 20m. The construction site must have heavy construction equipment access.
  2. The parcel is armed with electricity and water.
  3. There are no formal or legal obstacles to build a new or expand the existing building on the client’s parcel.







Below is an idea of the interior design of our shelter PLUS











If you are interested in this project, feel free to contact us!